Fit4ever Wellness

The new Fit4ever Wellness Studio is now open for business and accepting new clients. Located at 2600 NW Vaughn in NW Portland, this private training space is available for personal coaching or semi-private lessons. We offer a range of classes with a focus on functional fitness. The format allows for one-on-one training or semi-private lessons. 
Included in the class offerings are unique training methods such as CrossCore Rotational Bodyweight Training, Strength Pilates and Power Cycling. Using minimal apparatus, this is functional fitness training at its finest.  

Fit4ever is built on a philosophy of empowerment, of motivation and the creation of daily habits that produce lifelong fitness and a healthier outlook on life. It is a wellness center where a number of experienced fitness experts will have the opportunity to present their unique concepts in order to provide you with the most advanced and effective training methods available.  As with any other physical training, success requires focus and vision. The power to visualize makes it possible to continue to improve, while the actual execution of the training program makes it a reality.  Once you have made the decision to pursue total wellness, you simply need the expert guidance of a professional to teach you the right path to success

We offer personal training packages or you may select from a variety of classes. Payment may be made by credit card, personal check or cash.


Personal Attention



Fitness Training Programs

Lunch with a Friend

Single Session : $25 each      
Package Deal : $15 / 12+ sessions  
Each session lasts 30 minutes.
4 people max 
Minimum package consists of 12 sessions, once weekly.

The Personal Touch

Single Session : $75
Package Deal : $60 / 12+ sessions
Each session lasts 55 minutes.
Minimum package consists of 12 sessions, once weekly.

The Lunch Break

Single Session : $50
Package Deal : $40 / 12+ sessions
Each session lasts 30 minutes.
Minimum package consists of 12 sessions, once weekly.

Buddy Package

Single Session : $40 each
Package Deal : $25 / 12+ sessions
Each session lasts 60 minutes.
4 people max
Minimum package consists of 12 sessions, once weekly.

 Exercising with the Power Runner

You should be developing your hip strength in order to improve your base of power. The glutes are the largest muscle group in the body for a reason. Understanding how to maximize your training to improve utilization of the glutes is another issue. The Power Runner is a unique and innovative devise that targets the hip complex while strengthening the core. Used primarily by NFL football teams to develop explosiveness, its effectiveness is unmatched. You are not likely to find this training device at your local gym, but CycleOne has one in its studio for use by CycleOne athletes.


Power Runner Testimonials

"I have found the Power Runner to be most useful for me once I transition from basic circuit training at a gym to specific strength and power workouts. The Power Runner not only has improved my speed through functional strength training but also anaerobic capacity and power endurance which I think is critical for a cyclist. I'm not getting any younger, so working my fast twitch muscles fibers is a year round goal of mine. The Power Runner has enabled me to be stronger, quicker, faster on a bicycle as I age........"
David Oliphant
Therapeutic Associates Cat 2 racer


“The following are some highlights regarding my personal and professional experience with the Power Runner, the finest overall lower body training machine ever developed:

    - Main distributor for the Power Runner, 8 years.  
- Marketed the machine to several high schools, colleges, health clubs, & training centers.   

    - Helped athletes excel in their sport by writing specific programs applying to them.
    - Trained myself on the Power Runner, for cycling benefits.  
    - Trained on the Power Runner daily even in the middle of cycling season.  
    - Trained both of my sons who were racing in the OBRA circuit as juniors
The Power Runner hits target areas of muscle development better than any other piece of equipment.  I also noticed a huge increase in my sustained power output, as I was doing VO2
testing about every 2 months.  Just before the State Road Race Championship in 2001, I tested
at 575 watts before hitting my max heart rate of 214 bpm. The trainer, Saul Blau, made the
statement; “No one can catch you if you get away”. On that particular day another teammate and I got away in the first few miles of the race and were never caught again. I ended in a solo finish over 4 minutes ahead of the peloton. That same year my oldest son, Donnie, won the state road race in similar fashion. It was a day I will always remember. During that same year, we both experienced several podium finishes, wrapping up my season with finishing ninth in the National RR in my age group (some of my other accomplishments are listed below):

2001 OBRA Masters results        
State RR- 1st                        Silverton Criterium- 1st
State Criterium-2nd            Mt. Tabor – 2nd
State Hill Climb-2nd            Mayor’s Cup - 2nd
National RR – 9th                Mt. Ashland Hill Climb – Best Masters time

In my experience of personally training athletes over the years I would say; “There is no better
piece of equipment to train with, especially for cycling!”

Don Vizzini 
President & founder of Robaco Fitness

Experience and Qualifications

Growing up in the sunny southern climate of North Carolina, Coach Mike developed a lifelong love of athletic competition. Since his pre-teens he was actively involved in team sports, competing in the traditional sports arenas of baseball and football. He later turned his attention and talents to individual sporting events. As a high school track and field star in the 800 meter run and the pole vault, he developed a love for the intensity of pure sport. He was a varsity wrestler at Appalachian State University and continued competing in freestyle and Greco-Roman tournaments into his late twenties. After experiencing knee problems while competing as a 10K road runner, he switched to competitive cycling in 1983 and has been racing bikes ever since.

Coach Mike is a certified personal trainer with the top educational program in the fitness industry, the National Academy of Sports Medicine. He has also completed the Performance Enhancement Specialist course as well as the Corrective Exercise Specialist program. In addition, he has taught indoor cycling classes for 15 years and is a certified Pilates instructor, specializing in balance and core fitness. He currently serves as the Vice President of the Oregon Governor's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports Foundation.

Coach Mike sees himself as an educator and a motivator. His passion for the science of human performance and perfect health is evident in his commitment to excellence... in his commitment to the success of his followers.

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